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    ASP - 21" Friction Baton

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      ASP - 21" Friction Baton



      On the street, there can be no tolerance for second best. It is here that the nation's most respected and tactically advanced law enforcement agencies trust their safety to ASP Friction Batons. An intermediate force system of uncompromising quality from a firm with a long tradition of agency service.

      Friction Batons expand by sharply flicking the baton straight up or straight down to extend the inner shafts. Each shaft is locked rigidly in place by a precision Friction taper. To retract the baton, strike the tip of the baton sharply downward on a hard surface, such as concrete.

      Foam and Duratec grips are available. Airweight shafts offer 45% weight reduction with 98% of the striking potential of steel. Black Chrome provides the most durable and corrosion resistant black baton finish. Electroless is the most corrosion resistant finish. It is well suited to high humidity environments.